Regional Mortgage Fraud Training Classes


Listed below are some of our Regional Mortgage Fraud training classes available to lenders, financial institutions, regulators and law enforcement.

These are held in business-class hotel or similar training facilities.

Accommodations, travel and personal expenses are NOT included.

Understanding Mortgage Fraud – A to Z
(4 or 8 hour program)
Designed for loan originators, processors, and support staff. This introductory program takes a comprehensive look at the different types of mortgage fraud, how fraud schemes are perpetrated, and the impact on industry and consumers. Powerpoint instruction includes workbook and case study.

Identifying Fraud & Fraudulent Schemes
(2 or 4 hour program)
Explores the various types of mortgage and real estate scams through real-life case studies. Participants will learn how each fraud scheme is structured, and how to quickly recognize players – and how to avoid trouble. Powerpoint instruction includes workbook and case study.

The Red Flags of Fraud
(4 hour program)
Specifically designed for mortgage loan underwriters, originators and processors. This session examines the eight “red flags” of fraud through actual loan file case studies. Participants learn what to look for in every aspect of the transaction, and how to quickly verify information – as well as what to do when problems arise. Powerpoint instruction includes workbook and case study.

Prevention, Detection & Investigation of Mortgage Fraud
(4 hour program)
Designed for compliance, quality control and internal fraud investigation personnel. Development of internal quality control and fraud detection systems to identify system and operational weaknesses. Regulatory compliance and the legal aspects of fraud prevention and investigation include consumer protection and employee rights issues. Powerpoint instruction includes workbook and case study.

The Legal Aspect of Mortgage Fraud
(2 hour program)
Designed for law enforcement, attorney and legal professionals. Prosecuting mortgage fraud can be a tricky business – and defending against it can be even harder. This program looks at both the criminal and civil side of mortgage fraud, including forensic loan file analysis, loss mitigation, asset recovery and litigation support requirements. Court case studies provide an inside look at the legal elements of fraud litigation. Powerpoint instruction includes workbook.

Fraud Prevention Tools & Techniques
(2 hour program)
Designed for company management and executives, this session provides a quick look at how to implement simple measures to help prevent fraud. Discussion includes the impact of fraud, and how to use online systems to identify and prevent the most common fraud schemes. Powerpoint instruction includes workbook.