Mortgage Fraud Services

Mortgage Fraud Consulting


Mortgage Fraud Consultants provides a wide variety of mortgage fraud and audit services for the real estate and mortgage lending industries. Specifically, these include:

The reports we prepare at Mortgage Fraud Consultants are full of the details that you need to make crucial decisions. We get you this essential information on time and in a “boardroom-ready” format.

Each report includes:

  • Asset re-verification
  • Income re-verification
  • HUD re-verification
  • Research for undisclosed liabilities
  • In-depth borrower background verification & fraud analysis

We can also customize our reports for your individual specific needs. We can dig deeper in one area, or just provide the basics in another. Our job is to uncover the information that you need to make the best possible business decisions.

Mortgage Fraud Consultants uses cutting-edge technology that is constantly upgraded and enhanced to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. Files are housed on our secure servers, and stringent backup protocols are in place, so you never have to fear a loss of data. In addition, we generate reports about each level of file analysis, so you can track the progress of your projects, from beginning to end.

That’s the MFC difference…

Our experienced staff of mortgage fraud experts, underwriters, appraisers, attorneys, compliance specialists, quality control analysts and litigation consultants can help you with any aspect of detecting, preventing or combating mortgage fraud. Call us today at (866) 977-7900 for a confidential conversation on how we can assist you!