Mortgage Fraud Expert Witness Services


Expert Witness Testimony

Using an “expert” can save you thousands of dollars in time and money – by getting to the root of the issue quickly, supporting a position for settlement – or even getting a case dismissed…

When it comes to representing you, you need solid qualified, experienced professionals in your corner!  Northwind International and Mortgage Fraud Consultants have a team of experts that have worked on cases in both State and Federal courts, in both civil and criminal cases.

Sample cases that we have been involved with include:

  • Builder/Seller – Mortgage fraud case involved millions of dollars in purported builder bailout scheme.
  • Straw Buyer – Mortgage fraud involving several buyers, fraudulent companies, and post-closing kickbacks
  • Railroad Accident – Civil class action involving loss of real estate values due to major accident and chemical spill
  • Foreclosure Documentation – incomplete, inaccurate or “robo-signing” foreclosure assessment and damages
  • Erroneous Sale & Discharge – fraudulent lien payoff scheme litigation involving title companies and buyers
  • Application Fraud – elaborate scheme with manufactured documents, employers, title company and appraisals
  • Wholesale Flipping Scheme – millions of dollars in lender losses due to asset fraud and misrepresentation
  • Dual sale of mortgage securities and damage evaluation
  • Credit Damages – improper transfer and servicing resulted in long-term credit damage to consumers
  • and many more….

There is no shortage of litigation out there, but in order to minimize the effects, costs and damages – in both time and reputation – attorneys need experienced experts. Mortgage Fraud expert witnesses can help in the following ways:

  • Quickly analyze a situation to determine cause, responsibility, facts and defenses
  • Make complex situations and transactions much simpler to understand to litigants and jurors
  • Provide valuable consultation to attorneys and their clients with respect to positions, defenses and damages
  • Assist with demonstrative aids, graphics, presentations, videos, and other support tools
  • Provide accurate, professional testimony in court
  • Assess plaintiff or defense arguments, and defenses
  • Assist in preparing counsel with direct or cross examination questions and interrogatories
  • Support personnel for research and case preparation

We have experience in all the following areas:Mortgage Fraud Judgement

  • Criminal Prosecution
  • Criminal Defense
  • Civil Plaintiff
  • Civil Defense

Client recommendations, references and testimonials are available upon request. Initial case consultations are provided free of charge to assess conflict of interest, defendable position and case assessment. For details, expert witness qualifications and expert witness fees, please contact us at (866) 977-7900.