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Mortgage Fraud Expert - Media InterviewsAre you a member of the media looking for more information or details about mortgage fraud? We can help…

At Mortgage Fruad Consultants, we have many experienced experts who can provide you with background information, or a print, audio or video interview. CEO and Founder Chip Cummings has appeared numerous times on FOX News, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox & Friends, the Neil Cavuto Show, and many other news shows. He has also provided dozens of interviews for newspapers, magazines and periodicals including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Detroit News, Associated Press, UPI, and others.

Other members of the team have appeared on radio and television as well, and are media trained to provide you with accurate up-to-date information for your audience in a professional and informative way.Mortgage Fraud Experts - Media Interviews

To request an interview or information regarding the worlds of real estate, mortgage lending or mortgage fraud, please contact us at (866) 977-7900 (available 24/7), or fill out the form below. Someone will be in touch with you right away!